Recycle. Revive. Reduce. Reuse!

“Its a kind of treaty between sustainability a design – where the concept of waste is completely reconsidered” – Founder
The Vitaminsea Store specialises in reviving previously loved sails, kites, parachutes and even discarded advertising banners. They give them a new life of adventure and fun through various colourful, bright, happy and rugged hand-crafted products. Every item they manufacture is unique.  Sustainable, durable, multi-functional, simple & undemanding – yet ready for adventure at the drop of a hat. With attention to detail and quality, their products are suitable for all ages and all people around the globe.

The VITAMINSEASTORE is inspired by nature’s circularity, where one animal wastes another animal’s food, and there aren’t any leftovers. Their goal is to maintain a “no waste” situation.

“We start with “waste”, and then the scraps from one product become the foundation or DNA of another product. Whatever we haven’t found a use for yet, we are constantly researching and creating – and we will find one!” – says the team.
When it comes to technical nutrients, ie. when they need new fixtures or fittings, they source the highest quality and strength. Knowing that they will invariably outlast one, two, or three products’ lifetimes and not just a single use.


Two-year Promise

All VITAMINSEA creations come with a 2-year repair promise; we and VITAMINSEA owners are encouraged to take their items back to the store at the end of their lifespan for “harvesting” into something new.

If you have old kites, sails, parachutes, tents, or banners at home – please don’t cast them out onto a landfill. VITAMINSEA STORE will collect them from you. You can also offset your sails against a purchase from the store or a custom-made product from our line if you like. (Great gifts, by the way:)  Please contact them via email: or call Jen on 071 554 3435



You will find them at The Village Centre, 1 Lyme Road South, St Francis Bay, above the pharmacy (the stairs are behind the pharmacy). The store hours are Tuesday to Friday from 10h00 until 14h00, or please phone Jen on 071 554 3435 for an appointment.
So, please pop in to see their amazing range of backpacks, sling bags, tote bags, luggage tags, sunglasses pouches, coin pouches, and dog collars, as well as their super comfortable versawear – leggings, jackets and bikini tops and bottoms.
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